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These vastu homes are designed to enhance the spiritual, mental, and emotional quality of life for their inhabitants - bringing ease, comfort and joy. Vastu home design treats the residential structure as a living being and creates balance between the people living there and the structure itself.

Right from the start, Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with.
He took his time explaining vastu principles and worked patiently with us to
incorporate them into our building design. more ...

Vastu home
Limestone Vastu Residence

Vastu home
Looking toward Lake

Minyar Residence

Michael Borden was excellent for our renovation project.
His design sense represents a great combination of western and eastern influences.
more ...

montana vastu
Montana Home - West

montana vastu
Montana Home - East

New England Home

East Elevation
US Residence

Iowa Home

Kauai House

Baton Rouge Residence

Country House

Iowa Vastu Home

Brick Vastu Home

Brick Vastu Home

Vastu Detail

Vastu Designs