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Lesson 7 - The Science of Manifestation

Copyright 2003-2009, Michael Borden, all rights reserved.

From the publication "Vaastu Purusha" a periodical published by the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation.

The whole of cosmic structure is effected and maintained by innumerable streams of manifestation. These streams are subsumed under two categories:

  1. Cosmic flux of sound called sabhda prapanca and
  2. Cosmic flux of light modified into worldly objects called artha prapanca.

Both realms of sound and light are well balanced by the rhythmic creative order of the Divine. The beauty of the Divine order could be seen in the symmetrical, balanced and simultaneous existence of both the subjective world (sabda prapanca) and the objective world (artha prapanca). Both quality wise and quantity wise, this balance, symmetry and simultaneity are maintained. For example, if there emerge 100 forms on the subjective side, simultaneously and correspondingly there emerge 100 forms on the objective side. Only on this account, the science of grammar of language maintains that all the words are denotative of their corresponding referents/objects. There is no empty word bereft of referent-significance and there is no object with out being characterized by relevant sound-significance. Sabda prapanca and Artha prapanca are always interdependent.

Mayan Rishi, having impeccably known the subtle principles of the science of manifestation, sets forth this cosmic balance maintained between sound-forms and light-forms. In Aintiram, the Key-work of Mayan, one of the Sutras reads: "Oli-Oli vadivaay ongum elutte." Peripherally this means: "Letter is ever rising and functioning in the form of both light and sound." But apart from this peripheral meaning, we could observe the multiple dimensions of meaning as radiating from the sutra. The main source of such radiation of multiple meanings is the term 'eluttu'.

'Eluttu' is derived from the word 'elu' meaning 'the creative urge', 'excited to manifest', 'operative stir'. As such, the different meanings of the term 'eluttu' as conceived by Mayan are -- letter/phoneme, pranava -- the primal letter, the inexhaustible cosmic stuff, the imperishable existence (akshara), square mandala, sculptured object and so forth.

It is generally understood that letter or phoneme (defined in the dictionary as: Any of the minimal units of speech sound in a language that can distinguish one word from another.) is concerned with sound only. Sound and light are inseparable and as such each letter is charged with sound energy and light energy. For example, 'a' is associated not only with its articulated sound but also with its own luminous form characterized by color, emerging factor and relevant function. The Vatulagama states (2:35):

"'a' is of the nature of all divinities; it is red; it is capable of bringing all the existents into its fold."

This means that 'a' is inseparably associated with multi-divine factors, red color and the power of unfolding or enfolding. The luminous form 'a' itself is constituted by four energies, as the Paushkaragama puts it (8:13):

"On the top of 'a' is Paudri; on its face is Vama; on its sides exists Ambika. Jyeshta Sakti is in the middle, like a staff."

This is how the actual subtle form of 'a' appears. Similarly, all other letters from 'a', 'i', etc, have their own subtle forms constituted by many other saktis. Since all the letters are charged with and energized by different potencies, they function as the creative and regulating powers of the universe. They are not inert letters. Actually there is no such letter as marred with inertness.

Every word or letter is derived from the Divine-I-Consciousness, which is with constant creative urge expressed by its ever-going 'spanda' or 'throb'. This consciousness is called 'the Supreme Verbum (paraa vaak).

The one to one correspondence between sound and light is maintained at all levels. If there rises one shoot of sound from the Supreme Verbum, simultaneously there arises a shoot of light. Sound forms and light forms are the simultaneous manifestation from the primal source of creation. The energy of the Supreme Verbum flows into various letters from 'a' to 'ksa', which as conscious forms of energy brings about the manifestation

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