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Lesson 3 - Philosophical Foundations

Copyright 2003-2009, Michael Borden, all rights reserved.

I'm giving you the philosophical foundations first. This is what Sthapati did with me. I was chomping at the bit for "practical" information and he keep feeding me deep philosophical concepts. I have come to realize that the philosophy is the heart of the knowledge: to have a strong feeling for this aspect of Vaastu Science is to give oneself a strong basis for feeling fulfillment in the application of the knowledge. The following is a transcription of part of a talk Sthapati and I had during our Kanyakumari trip. I thought that it would be a further inspiration to you.

"Now you are coming into the verities of human beings. You are part of God; so, to understand God can I understand you? You are an entity of good and bad. You love me, you hate another man. So the hatred is less that love even though only from a single source. And if you are part of Brahman, that Brahman is called Saguna Brahman, Brahman with attributes. So that attribute Brahman has 'good and bad' qualities, that is how you are able to see Him. So everything ultimately comes to your numerical measure. You are a part of that numerical expression of God. That measure is actually responsible for the human form, so that quality also persists in you.

"So there are two Brahmans: one attributeless, which is the source, and the attributeless Brahman takes form, becomes Brahman with attributes. We call it Nirguna (spelling) Brahman and Saguna Brahman. Vastu and Vaastu.

"So this Vaastu Brahman will have its good and bad qualities. So you have to understand what kind of bad qualities and good qualities it has. So through calculation we will be able to arrive at that. So we ward off all bad things and take only good things. Whatever we examine in this mundane world is only the quality of Brahman or the dynamics of Brahman or the actions of Brahman. We calculate and we pick what is called the 'good" effects, the 'good' benefits and we introduce it in our structure. This is very, very important.

Even if you go wrong in any of these (room) placements you are protected. Supposing there is a problem: you cannot place your bedroom in the southwest. In that case, the ayadi perimeter will protect you. We call it 'wavelength'. That wavelength we make into a rectangle or a square, so, within that, whatever lies in terms of space will be conducive for beneficial effects.

In response to my question about materials: "It is space that counts most, not material. The if you are able to get these earth bricks, you get a kind of physical benefit also. The best material is brick, not fired. Unburned brick. To make the unburned brick strong we use some ingredients, also stabilizers. That was used in the past. The aim is to live in harmony with nature. Nature is quality of nature. So you are lying on the ground and you are healthy. You must have your walls of the same material. If the brick are fired they are less beneficial. The walls will have to be thicker to stabilize.

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