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Robert Ghost Wolf Native American philosophy and prophecy.
Lyssa Royal Internationally known channel and author.
CSETI Center for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
KeelyNet Info on new energy, paranormal and much more!
Richard Hoagland's Page Featuring the latest info on Richard's research on Mars, the Moon and more.
The official NASA page Some great photos from the Hubble and Voyager crafts.
Bashar Tapes Official website of Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, a consistent source of expansive and loving communication since the early 1980s.
The Old Ones say there are 7 worlds and we are about to enter the fifth world, beyond the end of time.
Home of Ezekiel And other non-physical channeled entities.
UFOria Research Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity.
Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy Website of Dr.Joshua Stone, director of the Mt. Shasta Wesak and author of many books on ascension spirituality.
Barbara Wolf's website
Astral Projection Free astral projection, self-knowlege & esoteric course, plus lots of interesting information.
Zecharia Sitchin The official website of this author and researcher.
Joan Ocean The web page of dolphin & whale researcher.
Human-Dolphin connection Earth's Future, and a free newsletter.
M.Sue Benford's research Empirical data of the quantum interactions at the "real world" level.
Colin Andrew's web site Noted crop circle researcher.
Swami-Center Fundamental psychology & methods of spiritual development and healing.

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