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Alternative Lifestyle Links

Great interior design ideas
Traditional wooden furniture boutique in Bangalore
The Sedona Journal of Emergence
Radio Station WCBM AM680 Archives on Real Audio from guest on The Zoh Show Radio Program, Baltimore, MD.
Crop Circle Connector A very complete page dedicated to serious study on Crop Circles, with many photos.
Oasis TV A premier source for news, information, and entertainment for people embracing the changing lifestyle of the new millennium.
Scientific, Social, and Planetary Paradigm Research and Analysis
Institute For New Energy Devoted to alternative energy and new science.
The Monroe Institute Dedicated to the teachings of Robert Monroe including out-of-body & astral travel training.
Whitley Strieber's Home Page Author of "Communion" and activist in the abductee paradigm.
A collection of spiritually inspired texts and channeled material.
Dream Weaver A web site featuring a new healing protocol that combines music and sacred geometry for personal development and consciousness evolution.
The Dream Time Providing ideas and resources to help others find self-awareness through numerology, astrology, alternative spirituality.
Global Psychics An extensive source for all things metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric.
Spirit Way A new body, mind, and spirit internet resource and support center. Calendar of events.
Earthmeasure Native American Geometry
The Jesusonian Foundation An organization devoted to promoting the teachings of Jesus as they are expressed by the Urantia Book.
Fourth Dimensional Shift A free monthly newsletter on dimensional shifts and tools to reach a higher dimension.
Cosmic Connections Information from the Akashic records concerning earth changes.
Hopi Theory of Creation.
Planetary Activation Organization Dedicated to Earth guardianship and to preparing the planet for a major shift in consciousness.
New Cosmology Nearly a thousand pages of thought-provoking multimedia content that introduces a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein.
UFO Watch Dog Current news and views within ufology.
Light News Web Site
Inner Garden Art Learn about intuitive art, sacred geometry and meditation.
Flower of Life Workshops Web site for organizers of, in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. (German language site).
Tarot / I-Ching Free readings.
Lightworks Monthly magazine & articles dedicated to awakening awareness.
Inner Bonding Home of the Inner Bonding self-help healing process.
Light and Life A collection of independent publications dedicated to planetary faiths and spiritual movements.
Prophecy Keepers Native American owned & operated website comparing Native & Tribal prophecies.
Be The Dream Site for Empowering harmony among people & the planet.

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