Vastu Homes: The Western Series

New! These plans are suited for western homeowners - fully compliant Vastu home plans. These plans will include features customary in homes in the US, Canada & Europe, which are not commonly found in Indian homes, such as attached garages, laundry rooms, utility areas, mud rooms, and so forth.

Vastu structures are designed to be resonant with earth and cosmic energies.
The exact proportions, orientation, dimensions, entry and room locations are very important. These houses are designed to be excellent in all aspects.

When you purchase a design, you will receive:

  • A fully dimensioned floor plan,
  • Four fully dimensioned elevations,
  • A worksheet which includes all the basic considerations that need to be followed for the construction of a Vastu home.

Your next step will be to take your Vastu design to your architect or builder for development of construction plans.

Please enjoy the portfolio and let me know if you have questions.

Important: Online plan dimensions shown are approximate, are NOT precise Vastu Dimensions, and will NOT give the building the resonant sacred geometry.     Why ...    

Residence L East Facing Plan
Residence L East Plan

Residence L East Facing Elevation
Residence L East Elevation

Courtyard 19 East Facing Plan
Courtyard 19 East Plan