Vastu Compliance: Water

I have my bore-well, septic tank , and overhead water tank in the south west corner. a tree (probably peepal) has also grown on the roof next to the overhead water tank. Also a septic tank is lying unused in the north east under stairs which is adjacent to my room. What changes I need to do?
Anirudh Bhatia, December 30, 2006

Water tank in SW is a secondary location that may be accepted if it can't be in NE. Keep the septic tank unused in NE if possible. Peepal tree should be removed.

We are having swimming pool on south west-west side do you think that would be a problem as far as Vastu is concern?
Kurang Shah, September 02, 2006

South west could be considered as a secondary location that is acceptable for water. I would say it is fine, but if you would like me to review, send more information.

I have a gold fish tank glass where should I keep it for good effect as presently I am having both career and financial difficulties.
J. Ashoke, September 03, 2006

Keep it out of the center of the house and out of SE, other wise, it doesn't matter.

Our water connection from local authority is given through a pipe which comes through the compound wall in the north-west direction. The under ground water tank is constructed in north-west exact. Is this ok or requires any corrections, remedy? Please advise.
Ravi Kumar, August 12, 2006

It is best if the water tank is in the NE area. Also, water connection is best there. Move it if possible.

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