Vastu Compliance - Temples & Churches, Pyramids

Are churches made out with Vastu directions?
Irosha Ranaweera, December 07, 2006

Yes, Churches, like temples, can be greatly blessed by application of Vastu principles.

What is the use of Pyramids and what type of material should we use to have a pyramid in house or office.
Srinivasan, September 29, 2006

Pyramid is the classical form expressed in the temples. It is the vertical projection of the sacred mandala of the Vastu structure. It must have the correctly dimensioned mandala at the base.

Why houses must not be constructed where shadow of the temples is falling?
H.K. Prakash, August 11, 2006

Shadow of the temple probably refers to the condition that the house is very near the temple. Temples have a very powerful energy that influences their surrounding area. Sometimes the energy may be too much for peaceful household life. This is perhaps why the ancient temples have many compounds surrounding the sanctum.

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