Vastu Compliance: Sleeping & Bedrooms

Can you sleep with your head on west facing east?
Babita, October 19, 2006

Top of head when laying down show be to east or south.

I have my bedroom in the south east corner of my house. Will I have any problem from it? Please advice.
Nutesh, September 29, 2006

SE corner is not recommended for sleeping. If you must use this room, then put your bed in the SW corner of the room and sleep with head to south or put the bed in the NE corner of the room and sleep with head to east.

Hello, The new house that we are thinking of renting has West entrance with living room in the North and Kitchen in the South/SE. However, the master BR is in North East and kids room in South/SW. The building plot faces North. Flat no is 902. Is it okay to have master BR in NE? If not, any other ways of adjusting and/or counterbalancing this? How shall we place the bed?
Kirti Kasliwal, September 04, 2006

It would be better to have your master bedroom in the South/SW and put the children in the NE. Sleep with top of head to east or south.

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