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I'm finding the terminology confusing.

To some extent the following terms are interchangable - various spellings arise from different masters - Vastu is spelt a number of ways: Vastu, Vasthu, Vaastu, Vaasthu. Likewise, Shastra can be found spelt as sastra, saastra, shaastra - and you'll see the order of the words changed: ie, both vastu shastra and shaastra vaastu. Other variants are vastu vidya, mandala purusha vastu, mandal purush vaastu, etc. See the Glossary of Terms page for more information.

Will the online vastu seminar be revised?

The seminar is static for the time being. It arose out of my first few online courses which were more of group networking. I supplied the participants with each lesson via email, and we answered questions that way as well. Now the completed lessons are all available at once on line, along with the questions that came up.

What about questions we have?

You can send your new questions to me via email. I'll answer them, or get answers from Dr. Sthapati, and I'll add them to the Question & Answer Section.

What other resources are there for information?

I do have some copies left of Dr. Sthapati's book -- which is pretty comprehensive. You should also check out the recommended reading list.

After I've gone through the seminar, if I design my home, will you help me make sure I've done it correctly?

Sure. What we'd do is the one hour special which should allow enough of a look-see to determine if there are any major problems or whether you are on the right track. Likely any additional questions can be answered thoroughly at that time.

I've lost my user name and password to access the seminar.

Just send me an email.

You travel a lot. How do we get in touch with you when traveling?

I check my email daily. And my assistant checks my voice mail regularly

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