Vastu Compliance: Peace of Mind

Hi, I have rented an 1 bedroom apartment on 1st floor of a Govt. owned bldg. My bedroom has two huge French windows one on the east and other on the south. From the south windows of my bedroom and living room/drawing room one can see the swimming pool (which is on the ground floor in South direction). What are the remedies I can adopt to overcome the ill effects if any? Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.
Naveen, December 10, 2006

It very important that all the Vastu enthusiasts understand that one element, like a pool, has very little to do with the overall mandates and goals of Vastu Science. You are living in a flat in a large complex. The chances that the building has any benefit in terms of Vastu principles is nil. There is no need to worry about the pool. The best remedy for all conditions is to generate great gratitude to the Divine Will that you have a roof over your head, are reasonably well fed and have freedom of thought and expression in your life!

Is it so that one should not place 'sea shells' and objects made from them such as show-pieces in the house? What can one do to reduce domestic arguments? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you
Amey M. Deorukhkar, September 12, 2006

Domestic arguments: get some professional help, don't hesitate to seek help. Shells are fine, but cluttered room is not good.

We are living in a home having three bedrooms and one living room and kitchen in the front of the entrance. Main entrance of the home is in the south and as well as north. Plot is square 250 sq. feet and three side open. Front portion has been covered by five shops. All the time we family members fighting with each other. There is no peace in our home and lack of wealth also. Pls. advice us.
Sushila Kakran, September 3, 2006

Try using the north entrance more. Otherwise, get some good family counseling and don't look outside yourself to to blame your troubles. Work on yourselves and make peace in your family.

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