Vastu Compliance: Non-Rectangular Lots

Dear Sir, we are looking at a lot that is west 95 width north 259.34 length east 111.49 width south 175.82 is this a good lot? The side of the street is facing west so we would have a west entry. Is this good?
Anita Hazari, October 16, 2006

This is an odd shaped lot. If you are planning on walling the lot, then the shape is not acceptable, but if you can create a perfect Vastu compound within, then it's ok. West entry is fine if located properly.

My plot is 38'X80' north facing, but north west corner extended 10' is it better or not, east -80', west -70', north-39' (Front) and south-38' (back).
Sunder Singh, September 30, 2006

Create a perfect rectangular or square compound within the boundaries of your land and let the odd parts be outside this. A Vastu consultant should place the dimensions.

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