Vastu Compliance: Plot Layout Issues

Q1. We have more space in South then in North, also we have a cross road in south with closes after some length. In south GD floor we have parking space and in 1st floor we have balcony. What do we do?
Q2. Our house is below the road, I mean it is a old house and the road level is higher than our house around 1 ft difference. What do we do? But we stay in 1st floor. Thanks and Regards,
- Vineet Bothra, November 26, 2006

It sounds like you have some basic things that are not compliant with Vastu. I recommend, if you are concerned with Vastu compliance, that you find another place to live. But get some professional Vastu consultation before you move.

We are constructing house in a west facing site, entrance facing north. We have 3 feet open space in east near to north east. At the front 4.5 feet open space in west. Usually in Vastu west open space is not good I believe, but it is already constructed. (open spaces mentioned between main building and compound wall) Please suggest a rectification solution.
T. Natrajan, September 29, 2006

These open spaces are insignificant, don't worry about them. Normally we allow more space to the east and north and less to the west and south.

I am going to build my home. My plot is south face direction and total area is 50 Ft x 50 = 2500 Sq. ft. Kindly suggest me how I can build my home as per Vastu.
Naresh Gupta, September 2, 2006

A south facing home has the influence of liberation, freedom from worldly desires. You should have your home carefully designed by a Vastu architect however. A center south front door is not recommended.

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