Vastu Compliance: Country Property Layouts

A farm house having the following features: Water flowing in a stream from south to north; Entry gate at west; house facing east; bore well in north; open well in east. Whether this is acceptable as per Vastu or any thing to be changed?
P. Kishore Kumar, December 10, 2006

Without reviewing the plot and house in detail, it is difficult to comment in a scientific way. Direction of stream flow is ok, but more information is needed about size and location of stream in relationship to the plot and the house. Entry gate on west is ok, IF it is located in an auspicious position with regard to the overall plot. House facing east is good for "all good benefits", but your east entry door must be properly located or the benefits may be compromised. Bore hole in north: need exact location to house, but in general it is ok. Open well to east: should not be directly in front of entry door, but, need exact location to house, in general it is ok. Exact orientation, layout of the house walls and rooms also need careful inspection.