Vastu Compliance & Puja, Idols & Gods

I have heard that there is a specific place according to Vastu where you can place Ganesha idol, if yes where is it ?
Thanks, Vivek, October 15, 2006

Idols are best placed in the northeast area of the house.

Dear Michael, We normally keep Gods' photos facing East in the Puja Room. When we pray, we face West and pray. My question is whether West is a good direction to face while praying? In the temples, the priest normally faces North [direction of Wealth] while doing Archana, while the God's idol would face East. Should we also face North while praying God at home?
Ganesh Srinivasan, August 25, 2006

Gods facing east is correct. Naturally, you will then face west to adore them. However, please ask your temple priest what is appropriate for the particular incarnation of the Divine.

Dear Sir, Somebody gifted me a Laughing Buddha. Can you please suggest me where I've Place that? I'm staying in a flat with door east face. Pls. suggest.
B. Mohan Kumar, August 23, 2006

This type of image can go anywhere.

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