Vastu Compliance - Garages

My plot is South facing and I am planning construct a South facing Cellar with 2 ft digging to park my car. I Would like to know, is it ok to do so, if it is problematic, if I shift the digging towards centre of the site, will it solve the problem?
Madhu, September 18, 2006

This needs to be carefully reviewed by a Vastu expert on site. Or, I can review if you send detailed information.

Garages in Subdivision Lots

Vastu considerations for typical subdivision lots: where to put the garage on the narrow lot. Typically, subdivision houses embed the garage with the floor plan of the house. This is not allowed in a Vastu design. So, we need to understand what the requirements for the subdivision are in terms of the garage.

These questions include:

  1. Can it be at the side of the house but attached?
  2. Is there enough room for a house and garage side by side?
  3. Can the garage be in back of the house or in front of the house?
  4. Can driveways use the setback area for access to garage?
  5. Can garage doors face the street?

I will undertake s review of the general design requirements for the subdivision in the light of Vastu requirements. Until we get this feedback, you could reserve the lot with an option to choose not to take it if your Vastu consultant advises against it after reviewing the above.

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