Vastu Compliance: Factories & Offices

What should the face of commercial building be and if it is south facing what would the result and treatment if any? Thank you.
Jyoti Gupta, January 3, 2007

South facing building should avoid center entrance. Entry door must be located by a Vastu expert.

How can we arrange the machine, store, office in factory?
Rajesh, November 26, 2006

In general, put the master's office in the Southwest area. Storage in the Northwest. Take in product in center north. Production can move clockwise around a free and open center. I advise you take a professional consultation on this. There are many details to be attended to.

Sir, I want know office equipments and cash counter rearranged. This is not new office. It started three years ago.
Binoy John, August 13, 2006

Have your desk in SW area and face east or north. Counter can be there too or in east or north. Storage in NW area. Keep center free and open.

Respected Sir, My question to you is what could be the perfect direction for office for running an export business. In which direction the boss's cabin should be, where should we put the kumbh, when we inaugurate the office.
Mainland Trade Initiative, August 4, 2006

Have the boss sit in the southwest area facing east or north. Pick and auspicious day with the help of you local astrological expert.

I am planning to build a store on a somewhat octagonal shaped land and the store if I am standing in front of it I will be looking at it straight North and if I am standing in front of the store looking straight out I will be looking South . This land going to have a small water retention Pond in extreme front end of the land. The land slopes slightly to the front near the future pond. Please tell me if this land is suitable.
Paresh Patel, July 29, 2006

Your store will be south facing. A center door will not be correct. Place the west side of the door on the centerline of the house so that the door is east of centerline. South slope is not recommended and the future pond is also not recommended.

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