Vastu Compliance: Entrance Doors

Which direction house entrance must be?
Vishwas N. Shetty, December 23, 2006

All cardinal directions are accepted, N, S, E, W. Not twisted orientation. Each cardinal orientation has it's effect. North and west are for wealth, East is for all good benefits, South is for Liberation. For householders E, W, and N are recommended. BUT, the door must be located by an expert in Vaastu.

Hello Sir, Our main door entrance is in west direction. Is it ok?
Madhav, January 3, 2007

West door properly located is excellent for wealth.

The entrance door should open inside North? means when I enter, I should face North? Is my understanding correct?
Rajat Thakur, November 26, 2006

Entrance doors can face any orientation. The LOCATION of the door is important, not the facing. A north door should be in the center of the building.

My house entrance is facing at south-west. kindly let me know the effects and remedies of same.
Satish Sharma, December 07, 2006

If a door is at the southwest corner it is not life supporting. But there are many factors that may cause the negative effect to be less. This must be reviewed by a Vastu architect in a professional consultation. If the door faces the SW, meaning the house is rotated and facing that direction, then, it is very difficult for remedy or prediction on effects. It is not advised in terms of orientation.

The main entrance of my house is opening towards north from inside. If I am in the house it is towards the left hand which is shown as wrong side in your diagram. What should be the remedy?
Shirish Nerlekar, September 26, 2006

It sounds like you have a south facing door. The door must be so that the left side of the door is on the centerline of the house if looking from the outside.

Hi, This particular house - Ground floor house is having entrance in the south east direction and the kitchen is in the north west direction. The first floor house is having entrance on the south east again and the kitchen also is located on the south east. Will this cause any problems?
Bhuvaneswari K, August 23, 2006

Entrance on SE location is not advised. Kitchen locations are fine, cook facing east.

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