Vastu Compliance: Kitchens & Cooking

We are presently cooking facing south, we can at best change it in such a way that we face west while cooking. Please advise which is better;
Sushil Pawaskar, October 14, 2006

West would be better for cooking than South.

Dear Sir, I am living in Town home which slightly faced towards southeast close to southeast and I noticed that my kitchen (Stove) placed at northeast (while cooking we face north east). I was going through Vastu details and found that this is not good sign... and I think this might be true, because i have no peace of mind, no saving etc., As I can not make any structural changes, I would like to if there is any remedy to fix this problem. Thanks
Vinod, December 08, 2006

If the house is rotated to the Southeast and the main entrance is on the East side, this is not Vastu compliant. Also, NE kitchen is not compliant. BUT, your house is probably not compliant in any other way so it is very difficult to give instructions on how to achieve it. It may not be the house that effects your life. I would hesitate to say it is the house. Your thoughts are powerful. Bless the house, be grateful for a roof over your head. Look inside yourself, not your house, for a remedy to your worldly challenges.

Which direction is used for kitchen except east-south? Is north-east direction suitable? Plot is facing west.
Shikha, September 07, 2006

It is acceptable, but not ideal, to have the kitchen in the North West area with cooking still facing east.

What are the directions where I should definitely not put the tap in the kitchen?
Reba, August 23, 2006

If you can avoid a tap in the SE corner, that would be good.

I propose to have the kitchen on the south East corner of the house building. The pantry the adjacent room on the north. Is that al right? Where should I have the water taps & sinks.
Kanchai P. Thomas, August 04, 2006

Kitchen in SE is correct. Cook facing east with cooking area on east wall. Water taps can be anywhere but not in the corner. Pantry in north is fine.

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